About us

Our vision

We earned our ‘spurs’ designing and producing patches and badges for
fire brigades and ambulance services. (a sector which we are still active in!)
Through personal interest we decided to get a little more involved in the LGBTQ+ world and
patches that can be fun, convey a message or just show ‘who YOU are!’
Of course, all beginnings are small, and so we now offer a basic range that will grow
(strongly) over the coming period!

All our patches and most of our other products are our own designs and production
(ecologically responsible) with partners we have been working with for years. So we have
not only a great expertise but also guarantee ABSOLUTE top quality for all our products
but especially for the 3D PVC velcro patches!

We do not avoid ‘preferences’ either: gay/lesbian/transgender/BDSM/… we want to be there for
everyone and produce something for everyone. After all: can love be a sin…?
You find a lot in the broad world of LGBT, but patches designed, produced, develloped and
created by members of – and for this community is new! Which master doesn’t want to clearly show his intentions
on his outfit? Or oblige his slave to show what his place is? Or do you just want
to show that LGBT is ok with a nice patch? Everything is possible with us!

Any ideas of your own? Let us know and maybe we will turn your idea into production!
So whether you’re just going out for the night, going to a fetish club or visiting the prides, with
our velcro patch you will always stand out in the crowd!