‘PRIDE SOCKS’ Love is LOVE size 37-39



Our own line of socks… just that little bit more under your trousers or just a nice fashion statement! Our socks offer you just that little bit more and although they are quite inconspicuous, they make a clear statement with the 3 designs that are incorporated: Our Pride Lips (yes indeed again…) a hand making the V-sign in the rainbow colour of course and the text Love os LOVE and all that on a light blue base with dark blue finishing on top, heel and toes. This accessory is not only handy to wear but you will also be seen with it!

These are also completely self-designed and produced and come with a pride playroom label with size indication.

  • – size 37/39
  • – Unisex
  • – blue base with dark blue accents at heel, toe and top edge
  • – spread over the stocking are the 3 designs as described above
  • – Material: 65%cotton – 30%polyester – 5%spandex
  • – Easy to maintain and pleasant to wear!

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